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What are they?

Ecojars are aquatic ecosystems contained in a glass jar. They contain a whole host of aquatic life including shrimp, snails, microorganisms, and beautiful plants. The plants produce oxygen during day light hours, which is used by the shrimp and helps stabilize the pH in the water. Shrimp, in turn, release carbon dioxide, which plants use as a food source. Shrimp and snails will also eat decaying plant matter while the microorganisms help keep the water clean.

Ecojars are a low maintenance alternative to fish tanks or terrestrial terrariums, which can be difficult to keep. These living art pieces are fantastic conversation starters. They are great for those who don’t have time to look after a pet or they act as a great first pet for young children. The shrimp and snails are constantly on the move and can be very entertaining to watch.

All jars are handmade and come in varied jar size and styles. They also contain different flora, fauna, and features, making your jar a unique work unlike any others. Check out the store section to see what’s currently available or get in touch via our contact page if you have bespoke jar requests.

Thanks for supporting small businesses and checking out my jars,

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How to care for your new jar!

Light is the most important factor in keeping your ecojar happy! Place your jar in indirect or partial sunlight, too much sunlight can cause the algae to grow too fast for the shrimp to consume it all. You can also use LED lighting if the location of your jar isn’t receiving natural light. If you choose to use artificial light, the algae will grow will slowly so the shrimp will need feeding, more information on how to do this will be included upon purchase.
Temperature is also an important factor to maintaining a happy jar, try to place the jar in the warmest room or close to a furnace., especially in the winter. Jars can however survive on the windowsill in winter but it’s much riskier, just be careful there are no cold drafts directly hitting the jar.
Jars might also need regular plant trims or floating plant removals if they grow too large for the jars. Video tutorials can be found on my website.
If you have questions just reach out!

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Local Delivery and Pick-up Only.

I started this business during covid and I create these jars in my own home based in Toxeth, Liverpool. Therefore options for acquiring your new jar are pick-up from Toxeth or local delivery.
Pick-up and Delivery is available Monday-Friday after 5:30pm and 11am-5pm on the weekends, this is subject to availability. Please contact me and let me know a time for either pick-up or delivery as soon as you purchase your jar and I will let you know if I m available.

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Everything You Need to Know

Ecojars contain live plants and invertebrates and are subject to user error, therefore all sales are final. However I will offer free advice on any trouble you might be having with your jar. I will also replace shrimp free of charge within the first week of owning your jar should you encounter any issues. Sadly shrimp don't live forever and if you need replacements I will offer them at a low cost, as well as a free water quality test to balance the ecosystem before adding in new residents.

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